Welcome to the Cheshire Cycles restoration page

With our large workshop and many years experience, Cheshire Cycles can transform your bike with a full range of options from a basic hand polish to a full respray.

Restoration projects are very individual and we work closely with the client to bring together the required vision and execute a high quality result. The limit is usually the client’s imagination and we will do our very best to help you create your perfect bike

Below you will find information in 2 areas

Restoration Projects

Cheshire Cycles team offer a full solution to any restoration project. 

We begin with an initial consultation to discuss the requirements of the project. During this time, we can offer a quote which is as accurate as possible at this stage.

After the consultation, our team will work to remove any required components and, if needs be, contact external companies whose specialist services are required. Our designer can also draw up some ideas for decals or we can emulate originals to bring it back to that “fresh from the builder” look.

Our workshop will fully clean and service the components (if required) ready for assembly. The final stage comprises of the assembly and complete set up of your fresh cycle ready to hand over.

Costs for restoration begin at £200 per bike and the only limit is your imagination!


Our most popular work in our restoration division is our respraying facility. Each client has their own direction and we love to help them achieve that look they so desire. We love retro builds and will treat your project as if it’s our own!

Available in either a full bike or frame/components only, we can take the hassle out of a colour change and orchestrate the project seamlessly. Additional to any paint work is our workshop facility. We manage any upgrades you want at the same time making the whole process simple and efficient.

Respraying starts from as little as £80 (frame only) and £150 for a complete bike.


To book in simply call 01925 594633 or email restoration@cheshirecycles.co.uk

For some examples of costs see our pricing page or have a browse at some previous projects in our gallery