Cheshire Cycles are pleased to announce we are offering the Cycle to Work scheme for both bikes and components.

What’s involved?

The Cycle Salary Scheme is an employee benefit that saves upto 40% (inc ownership fee) on parts/components or bikes (adult bikes only). You pay nothing upfront and the payments are taken tax efficiently from your salary by your employer.

Through the salary sacrifice you can choose to buy either a bike, just components or both resulting in big discounts and a 12 month payment plan.

The minimum is £100 and the maximum is 10,000, although this is subject to change, for the certificate alone but you can add your own money on top of the voucher!

How does it work?

In these 4 steps we can help you complete your own application, it couldn’t be easier!


Step 1 - Choose your kit

The Fun bit. Choosing all of the new shiny equipment you can save £££'s on. Have a look at our  What can I buy page and when you are ready simply head here to fill out the quote form.

Get a Quote

Step 2 - Apply for the Voucher

The Easy bit. Once you have your quote back from us and you are ready to apply, submit the quote to your employer (HR Department) and get the application underway.

Step 3 - Sign Voucher

The Official bit. Check through the quote application to make sure it's all tickety boo and sign, you're nearly there!

Step 4 - Arrange your order to be prepared

The Exciting bit. Contact us and we will prepare all of your new shiny kit ready for your collection.

How much can I save?

Below we have the Cycle Scheme Calculator to help work out the saving's on your order.

After the first 12 month hire period, you are welcome to hand the bike over to the relevant Cycle Salary Scheme provider or pay a nominal fee. This fee is 3% of the new value (under £500) or 7% of the new value (over £500) and it is to extend the scheme for 3 more years (no more payments during this time) to then, take ownership.

Please contact us here for more information or head below to full T's & C's  the below providers pages:

Green Commute Initiative - Bike2work - Cyclescheme - CyclePlus - Halfords Cycle2work -